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A little intro…

We love what we do, which is why you will love us.

People work with us because of who we are and how we do things. We listen, we learn and we develop your ideas to meet the demands of today’s discerning and connected customer.

The Defectors are an army of online marketers, social media managers, designers and developers, all living and working with passion. We have worked together for years building systems and processes to weave our creative minds through. We love structure, as it frees up our time to be creative and helps us deliver our web development projects, social media and online marketing campaigns, on time and on budget.

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2006Year Established
15No. of Defectors
195Websites Launched
1920Social Media Campaigns
3840Late Nights Worked

Marketing Services

The Defectors are a team of passionate online and social media marketers working together to solve problems, create new ways to connect with consumers and most important of all - build our clients businesses.


We create engaging social media content that start authentic conversation and lead to an increase in brand awareness and sales.
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We create online brand experiences with beautiful UX and code both designed to capture leads and make sales.
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We create brands that people can believe in. Our logo designs are simple, refined, and most important of all memorable.
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Create leads and increase sales with our search engine marketing and online advertising services.
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Web Design & Development

We build online brand experiences that create customers, engage users and work on all platforms.

When Homer Simpson designed his dream car he thought about all the things he had ever seen and loved on cars, and added them ALL to the “Homer”. He assumed everyone else would love his ideas, but alas it was not a success. So what went wrong? Apart from the fact that it just looked awful, he didn’t consider what the customer needed and neglected the importance of simplicity.

If you look at the “Homer”, you won’t miss the huge rear wing, hood ornaments and bubble roof, and while he thought all these features were appealing he did not take a strategic approach by considering things like who wants all these features, how they will all look on the car once built and whether or not they were all necessary.

Great design only exists when you don’t notice it. This cannot be more true when it comes to web design. Ever visited a website that looked amazing but was frustrating to use? To create a website with the right balance of form and function there are two very important rules to follow. The first rule is to consider your users needs and the second is to keep it simple. We help you discover what your users actually require and then work out where this information should be placed on your website.

“The Homer” car scenario can easily happen to you if you do not consider your user’s experience and plan ahead.  The Defectors can build you a website that delivers a beautiful experience and engages your audience so they get the message with ease and without too many cup holders on the side.

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Social Media

Celebrate how fantastical, exciting, educational, sexy or socially conscious your brand is by taking off the mask and being more authentic with your audience.

In today’s marketing landscape people want to learn about what you stand for and why you need their help to spread the good word. No longer can you hide brands under the cover of corporate darkness. Your customers are already talking about you online, so we say, why not join the conversation?

The Defectors are one of Australia’s most established social media agencies. We have been working on social media marketing strategy since 2006 and since then have seen the rise and rise of the social media phenomenon. From how companies and brands have adapted to it, to how consumers have made it part of their every day lives.

Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Pinterest, Instagram, blogs and forums are the most notable examples of social media channels and the biggest challenge for any business is working out how to leverage these channels effectively in order to create a viral buzz around your brand. You need a social media strategy to attract audiences, rally them into action, encourage them to spread the word and keep them coming back.

Check out our social media work in the portfolio or read more about our social media services that have started conversations, made some friends and influenced people.

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  • The Defectors are the foundation of our online international tanning and beauty business. They are there for us day and night and continue to help us grow with their economical business solutions and dedication. With 8 websites now live we could not be happier.

    Cameron CampbellMarque of Brands
  • Joel and his team at The Defectors helped grow the online presence of my real estate agency in Canberra. Through their efforts, we ranked top of page 1, and experienced massive growth and enquiry. Extremely hard working, knowledgeable and professional.

    Erik TylerRed Brick Road
  • The Defectors created a website for my business that made my clients talk. The design is so deceivingly simple and to the point, I still get comments on it today. And the best part is that they went way beyond their formal obligations to make it happen, on time and on budget.

    Walid El-KhouryUnivero


Here is where we need to do some name dropping to give you some social proof that we work with big brands, established SMEs and some innovative start ups.

PZ Cussons
Marque of Brands