It hasn’t even been a year since Apple launched the iPhone 4. On the 30th of July 2010,  people lined up to get this new gadget.  A few months before that, Apple had launched the iPad. You would think that Apple had done enough; that they could go and take a little vacation.

Not at all, the company has plans to launch the iPhone 5 soon. But what is so different about this phone? And is it really necessary? Here we look at some of the basic facts about the iPhone 5.

Expert say that the new iPhone will be released in late June or early in July this year. Apple has created a rhythm in their release dates so that all the new stuff comes out around the end of the winter. They don’t know for sure, as Apple might push the release date forward due to the common reception and antenna problems iPhone 4 users are experiencing.

So what actually are the differences between the two versions of the iPhone? It is expected that the iPhone 5 will be capable of using the 4G-LTE network. This will be a quicker and newer way of using the internet. The problem these days is that too many smart phones use the same network, which makes the network slower every day.

The iPhone 5 will also have a bigger screen. This will make movies and photos are easier to view. Mobile TV providers are expected to launch many more apps for the iPhone 5 and in combination with the wide screen, we expect that watching TV on the go will be the next big thing. The phone will be generally faster due to its new processor.

In the end the iPhone 5 will be a gadget. The technology is set to be better than that used in the iPhone 4. However, it does not render its predecessors as useless. It’s just a nice option if your phone contract is up for renewal or if speed and its new functions are important to you.

Image by Yutaka Tsutano

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