We are pleased to announce that we have expanded the vast services we offer to include highly successful lead generation eDM (email direct marketing) campaigns. These eDM campaigns are purely performance based, meaning you only pay for the leads we generate, not a cent more.

eDMs are an effective way to generate consumer interest in your brand, products or services by delivering sales pitches directly into the inbox of your target audience at just the right time. As a direct result, prospective customers navigate their way to your business website, entering their personal details into your private database, hence creating a lead. With the prospective customers’ personal details in your database, you can continue to promote your products or services to these database members as regularly as you like.

Our decision to expand into this field came as a result of a rapid increase in the number of clients requesting this service. An online marketing strategy should encompass all aspects of the digital space, and we are excited to see the positive results that will arise as a result of combining eDMs with our highly successful social media and SEO campaigns.

To learn more about the lead generation eDM campaigns we are offering click here.


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