In terms of effort required versus conversion of viewers, social video appears to be a perfect example of “you get what you put in”. Making a video for your brand takes more time, planning, manpower, and expertise than a static image, article, or status update; but when done right, the yield on a socially-targeted video can have a huge impact on your social media marketing plan.

As it turns out, one of the key steps to doing your video the right way is finding the right home for it. There are more major players in the streaming video sharing market than just Youtube, and like any smart businesses, they co-exist thanks to their ability to find something unique that they offer and tout that.

So if you want to fit your whole ad in the time it takes to skip a Youtube ad, there’s always Vine. And if you want to interact live with your users and have it automatically post for anybody to see, have a Q&A Conference through Google Hangouts. The person who benefits from having multiple networks each with dedicated users to choose from is you and your brand.

Take a look at the infographic below, brought to you by, to get acquainted with the major players of social video and see which one will be right for your next directorial triumph!

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